The Big Five

A question we are often asked is, “What should I be taking?” While each person has different needs and goals, we can all benefit from the big five: a Multi-Vitamin, Omega-3 Fish Oil or Marine Oil, Curcumin, a Probiotic and Coenzyme Q10.


In an ideal world we would be able to obtain all the nutrients and vitamins from the food we eat. In reality, the foods that we eat today do not provide all that we need for complete health. Even those who consume a balanced diet can benefit from supplementation. The multi-vitamins we carry are high quality and heavily researched. Some are whole foods based or RAW food vitamins and most are age-specific and targeted for your particular needs.

Don't let the current research confuse you. Recent reports about the dangers of vitamins or the idea that a multi-vitamin is not helpful come from flawed studies. If you are hearing a blurb on the news or seeing an online link, it is important to look deeper. Were there any flaws in the way the study was designed?

Life Extension has an excellent article concerning this: Flawed Research Used to Attack Multivitamin Supplements

Omega-3 Fish Oil, Marine Oil

Fish Oil has many benefits including joint and heart health, brain and memory support, and blood pressure support.


With its amazing anti-inflammatory properties, curcumin, the active ingredient in the spice turmeric, is a product for everyone. Curcumin inhibits inflammation by working on several different pathways. It is also a strong antioxidant and immune modulator and promotes normal cell division. Many of the curcumin products are very effective pain relievers. The pain is not simply masked; instead, a healthy inflammatory response is created.


Recent studies are indicating what we have known intuitively for years - that health begins in the gut. As with the multi-vitamin, we have a wide range of probiotics and you will be able to select one that is perfect for you.

CoenzymeQ10 or Ubiquinol

The star of heart health products - ubiquinol is the active, antioxidant form of CoQ10. It provides superior absorption and bioavailability compared to CoQ10.

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